Alexander Zverev gives details of his injury

According to his own statements, Olympic champion Alexander Zverev tore seven ligaments in his serious injury last June.

“It was always reported that three ligaments were torn, but there were seven, three of which were operated on,” said the 25-year-old picture on sunday just before the start of the Australian Open.

After the shock in the semifinals of the French Open, the former world number two only mentioned the torn three outer ligaments in an Instagram post. He did not explain which other structures were affected. The injury threw him back a long way and he is not in top form before the start of the first highlight of the new year.

“It is clear that I will not win the Australian Open in the current condition,” said Zverev: “But that doesn’t mean that I can’t find my form after one or two games. Then my confidence increases and then – let’s see. “

In the first round in Melbourne, the German number one meets Peruvian Juan Pablo Varillas on Tuesday (7:00 a.m.).

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