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NFL Draft 2023 – Pick Order: At this point, the teams can choose

In what order will NFL teams pick upcoming stars in the 2023 draft? Here you will find the answer as to which team is allowed to draw their picks at which point.

The largest American football league in the world is in the offseason, but of course that doesn’t mean that nothing would happen – on the contrary! The annual NFL draft is just around the corner.

But in what order should the teams choose the stars of the future? One thing is very clear: last season’s bad team gets the best player. But what’s next after that?

As of now, all 32 picks from the first round have been awarded. Only the Miami Dolphins have to do without their first round player this year. The franchise had violated NFL regulations, after which they were stripped of the pick. However, to avoid misunderstandings, we have listed it below.

NFL Draft 2023 – when and where?

The 88th NFL draft in history will be held over several days as usual. The first round drawing (listed below) will take place on day one, April 27th. Rounds two and three, on the other hand, can be seen on the second day, April 28th. Finally, on April 29, the remaining rounds four to seven are on the agenda.

The event will be held at Union Station in Kansas City, an old union train station in the historic part of the reigning champions’ city. Some of the event will also take place in the open air, directly in front of the building.

NFL Draft 2023 – Pick Order: At this point, the teams can choose

number team season record
1 Chicago Bears 3:14
2 Houston Texans 3:13:1
3 Arizona Cardinals 4:13
4 Indianapolis Colts 4:12:1
5 Seattle Seahawks (via Denver Broncos, 5:12)
6 Detroit Lions (Los Angeles Rams, 5:12)
7 Las Vegas Raiders 6:11
8th Atlanta Falcons 7:10
9 Carolina Panthers 7:10
10 Philadelphia Eagles (via New Orleans Saint, 7:10)
11 Tennessee Titans 7:10
12 Houston Texans (via Cleveland Browns, 7:10)
13 New York Jets 7:10
14 New England Patriots 8:9
15 Green Bay Packers 8:9
16 Washington Commanders 8:8:1
17 Pittsburgh Steelers 9:8
18 Detroit Lions 9:8
19 Tampa Bay Buccaneers 8:9
20 Seattle Seahawks 9:8
21 Miami Dolphins (dismissed for violating NFL regulations) 9:8
22 Los Angeles Chargers 10:7
23 Baltimore Ravens 10:7
24 Minnesota Vikings 13:4
25 Jacksonville Jaguars 9:8
26 New York Giants 9:7:1
27 Dallas Cowboys 12:5
28 Buffalo Bills 13:3
29 Cincinnati Bengals 12:4
30 New Orleans Saints (via San Francisco 49ers, 13:4)
31 Philly Eagles 14:3
32 Kansas City Chiefs 14:3

NFL Draft 2023: broadcast on TV and live stream

Starting this year, the NFL will no longer be supported by ProSieben transfer. Instead, the private broadcaster RTL secured the rights to broadcast numerous events. This includes the 2023 NFL draft.

However, if you prefer to follow the spectacle via live stream anyway, you can still access the streaming service DAZN To fall back on. However, access requires the appropriate subscription. All information about the different packages, can be found via this link.

NFL Draft 2023: broadcast on TV and live stream – MORE INFO ABOUT DAZN

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