Ex-quarterback Tom Brady won’t start at FOX until 2024

The retired quarterback Tom Brady has joined the US TV station FOX commented on his future as an NFL commentator. He will not start the engagement before 2024, he said on the show “The Herd”.

It’s been less than a week since Tom Brady announced his retirement from the NFL. And he’s already planning his future. In an interview with the management of FOX Sports he talked about his involvement as an NFL commentator and agreed with them “in the fall of 2024 or so” with his “FOX-possibility” to start.

He sees this break very positively because he doesn’t want to “disappoint people”. It’s all about “being great”. In his involvement with the New England Patriots, who drafted him, as well as with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. “I want to take some time and really learn. I want to get good at what I want to do,” he explained of the decision.

At the Super Bowl next Sunday, Brady wants to listen carefully to the current expert duo Kevin Burkhardt and Greg Olsen as the designated successor: “I’ll watch the game 50 percent and listen to the two of them 50 percent.”

But the postponement of his new professional life is also very convenient for him in his private life. “I will also work on other areas of my life that need time and energy,” he gave an insight into his private life.

At the end of 2022, he and his longtime wife Gisele Bundchen divorced. They have two children together (son, 13, and daughter, 10). Brady has another son (15) from before the marriage with actress Bridget Moynahan.

As early as May 2022, it was announced that the seven-time Super Bowl champion FOX has reached an agreement on cooperation. According to the report of the time New York Post Brady is expected to earn a total of $375 million for a 10-year term as an NFL broadcasts analyst.


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