When will the 2023 playoffs start?

The NBA season is coming to an end. The 2023 playoffs are coming up, but when do the NBA 2023 playoffs start? SPOX tell you.

The 2022-23 NBA regular season ends on Sunday, April 9th. This is followed by the playoffs, which is the most exciting time of the entire season. Before the playoffs, there is a play-in tournament.

This mode was introduced three years ago. If all the places in the two conferences are taken, everything goes as usual. The top seed has to play against the eighth, the second against the seventh, the third against the sixth etc. The first round is played in a best-of-seven mode played. That means four wins are needed to progress. In the playoffs, the winning teams must play four rounds. So the first round, the second round, the conference finals and finally the NBA finals.

A play-in tournament is played in a knockout format. So, a game decides the winner. The seventh of the regular season meets the eighth and the ninth meets the tenth. The winner of the game seventh vs. eighth directly qualifies for the playoffs. But there is still a chance for the loser. In a duel with the winner of the duel ninth vs. tenth, the winner of this game also moves into the playoffs.

NBA: When will the 2023 playoffs start?

In the end, 16 playoff teams will be determined. The playoffs can then begin with eight teams from the Eastern Conference and eight teams from the Western Conference. These begin right after the play-in tournament.

On Saturday, April 15, the NBA will start the first round of the playoffs. Depending on how long the respective best-of-seven series go, the dates of the conference semi-finals and the conference finals may change.

NBA: The dates of the playoffs 2023

Date round
April 11 – April 14 play in
April 15th First round
May 1 – May 2 (may be postponed to April 29-30) Conference semifinals
May 16 – May 17 (may be postponed to May 14-15) Conference final

NBA: When will the 2023 Finals begin?

In addition to the playoffs, the NBA finals have also been scheduled. From June 1st, the two finalists will fight for the championship in the usual best-of-seven format.

NBA Finals 2023 Dates

Date Game
June 1st, Thursday

game 1

June 4, Sunday

game 2

June 7, Wednesday

game 3

June 9, Friday

game 4

June 12, Monday

Game 5 (if necessary)

June 15, Thursday

Game 6 (if necessary)

June 18, Sunday

Game 7 (if necessary)


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