Ronaldinho plays for FC Porcinos

Two-time world footballer Ronaldinho will play in the Kings League founded by ex-Barcelona star Gerard Piqué next Sunday (February 26).

The Brazilian will play for Porcinos FC, managed by co-founder Ibai Llanos, a Spanish streamer.

The Kings League started on January 1, 2023. Twelve teams compete there in Barcelona in a 7-a-side game, the team presidents are internet and football stars such as Piqué’s world champion colleague Iker Casillas and former Argentine international Sergio Agüero.

So how did Ronaldinho suddenly play? The twelfth player in the squad can change per week. And so the former Barça superstar will make a guest appearance next Sunday.

Ronaldinho will definitely not be the last surprise guest in the Kings League, with clubs regularly signing up a new 12th player. Ex-Leverkusen striker Chicharito was also on the field at the small field tournament.

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