Neighbor drives onto the field with his scooter

Curious incident: During a game in the eighth Dutch league, an angry neighbor took out his frustration on the players with a crazy action.

The man drove his scooter onto the pitch during the encounter between Veenhuizen and VV Vitesse 63. He also mobbed the players on the pitch.

According to Dutch media, the local fans infuriated him because they set off fireworks before the game started and his horse got a fright.

Club chairman Kees van der Leest has already commented on the incident. “We know the neighbors. He played for us when we were young. We’ll talk to him. I think he acted out of emotions. After all, as neighbors, we want a good relationship with him,” he explained to the English Sun.

He also apologized for the behavior of his club’s supporters: “As a board, we are responsible and regret what happened, but the fans only meant well.”

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