Gareth Bale – The ex-real star’s blatant empire: whiskey, Tiger Woods golf tour and real estate!

Gareth Bale hung up his boots earlier this year. Away from the field, he has already made provisions for the end of his career.

The football year 2023 started with a surprise: Gareth Bale decided at the age of 33 to end his active career. “I feel incredibly fortunate to have been able to pursue my dream of playing the sport I love,” the Welshman wrote in an Instagram post.

In addition to his contracts with Tottenham Hotspur, Real Madrid and Co., Bale has also dealt with sponsors and investments off the pitch.

SPOX shows the empire of Gareth Bale.

Salary at Real Madrid

When Bale made the switch from Tottenham to Real Madrid in one of the craziest transfer summers of all time in 2013, he signed a hefty deal that is said to have netted him around €95m. In 2016 there was also a salary increase for a new contract: from then on Bale earned 675,000 euros – per week. That is over 35 million euros per year.

golf tour

It is well known that the 33-year-old likes to swing his golf club as a hobby. Bale and a host of other high-profile sports stars have invested over the past year in Tiger Woods and Rory McIlroy’s new golf project TGL, a high-tech stadium-based golf league in partnership with the PGA Tour, due to launch in January 2024.


In November 2022, Bale decided to make a “significant investment” in Penderyn Distellery, a Welsh whiskey brand.

Penderyn Chief Executive Stephen Davies said: “It’s a combination of two global Welsh brands. Gareth Bale is an ambassador for Wales as a nation around the world.” Well then cheers!


Should the Welshman wish to retire for a glass of whiskey, he can do so at his multi-million dollar mansion in Cardiff in his home country. Bale also invested in the real estate company Primesure Limited, and he also bequeathed shares in the company to his parents.

bars and pubs

In Cardiff, Bale is also involved in the pub and bar scene. In 2017 his bar “Elevens” opened on Castle Street. “Bar 59” followed in 2021, in which Bale again includes his biggest hobby – a mini golf course is also integrated in the bar. A bar with the same concept also opened in Bristol.

own club

Bale is yet to become president of a football club, but that could change: “During the Euros it was joked that Gareth should buy a Welsh club from the lower division.

Actually it was Merthyr (in the seventh English league, editor’s note)” said ex-Wales assistant coach Osian Roberts the Athletic.


For years Bale was one of the faces of the German sporting goods manufacturer Adidas, in 2014 he is said to have signed a contract for six years and a total of 29 million euros. Other sponsors over the years have included Nissan, Konami and Foot Locker.


Like many of his former footballing colleagues, Bale is also interested in luxury cars. The Welshman owns an Audi Q7, Mercedes Class C63 AMG Coupe, Range Rover, Audi R8 Spyder and Lamborghini Aventador Roadster (pictured).

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