Former Juventus player sees the red card

In the Italian Serie C game between Piacenza and Calcio Lecco (0-0), guest striker Cristian Bunino (26) was sent off with a red card shortly after being substituted on. The reason: He had just urinated on the edge of the field.

Bunino, who went on goal hunting for record champions Juventus in his youth, came on in the 73rd minute. Immediately before his acceptance, however, he was still relieving himself – in the immediate vicinity of the square. The former junior national player in Italy stood against a fence.

While the spectators were initially unaware of the incident, the linesman noticed it and reported it to the referee. He acted according to the rules and immediately decided to send off.

Coach Luciano Foschi said after the end of the game Gazzetta dello Sport: “These are the rules and they have to be applied. But I was hoping that the referee would use common sense. Because he didn’t insult anyone, nobody saw it. I was hoping for a warning, but the referee did made no mistake. And Bunino? Neither did he. I don’t think he even realized that.”

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