Fenerbahce have to do without fans after criticism of the government

After the anti-government chants from his fans, Fenerbahce will have to do without his supporters in the next away game.

A security agency in Kayseri province, where Fenerbahce will play local club Klub on Saturday, said the away game would be played “without the club’s fans”. A connection with the chants critical of the government was not made in the message.

Fenerbahce condemned the measure as “unacceptable” and described it as “an awkward decision that does not meet sporting criteria”. In the wake of the devastating earthquake, fans of the second in the table had recently called out “government, resign”. “20 years of lies and fraud, resign,” it said. More than 50,000 people died in the earthquake disaster in Turkey and Syria.

Fenerbahce asked the security authorities to reverse the decision. “It means nothing other than punishing the club and preventing our fans from supporting their team,” it said.

Besiktas fans also recently chanted for the Turkish government to step down and threw hundreds of stuffed animals onto the field to commemorate the children among the victims of the disaster.


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