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FC Barcelona has to pay millions to ex-player Matheus Fernandes

FC Barcelona has to pay his former player Matheus Fernandes compensation of 8.5 million euros for “unjustified separation”. This is reported by several Spanish media unanimously.

Barça had signed Fernandes in January 2020 for seven million euros plus three million more in the form of bonus numbers from Palmeiras. The Brazilian was immediately loaned out to Real Valladolid for the upcoming second half of the season. The following season, he would make his only appearance for the Blaugrana in the Champions League group stage.

In the summer of 2021, the contract was terminated, which was financially serious afterwards. At that time, FC Barcelona could not register newcomers like Memphis Depay or Sergio Aguero due to financial problems. Splitting up with Fernandes should help with that.

The player himself returned to Palmeiras on a free transfer, taking opposite Global esports but not mince his words: “When they told me I couldn’t believe it. I was at home, going out with my wife, and I received a message from the club asking if I had sent my real email address. I confirmed and received the message. I did not understand it and sent it to my counselor and my lawyer. They said it was my dismissal. Time passed and my name was published in the press. No conversation, nothing , they didn’t even call to say hello and goodbye. As a kid, I always had a dream to play for Barcelona. When I got there, they didn’t treat me like a footballer.”

After returning home, the now 24-year-old complained about his expulsion due to the “moral damage” and demanded a sum of 14.8 million euros with his lawyers. Now he was partially right and has to be compensated by the Catalans with 8.5 million euros. The sum consists of missed salary payments and a contractual penalty.

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