CR7 resides in this incredibly luxurious hotel

Cristiano Ronaldo is known to play for Al-Nassr in Saudi Arabia in the future. The hotel in which he is staying for the time being is impressive.

Cristiano Ronaldo is said to earn 200 million euros a year at Al-Nassr, where he signed until 2025 after leaving Manchester United. And CR7’s lifestyle suits his salary, of course.

The Portuguese is currently still looking for a permanent home for himself and his family. Meanwhile, CR7 gets loud Daily Mail stay at the Four Seasons Hotel Riyadh for the coming months – including a spectacular view of Saudi Arabia’s capital.

And anyway, the Four Seasons offers Ronaldo, his girlfriend Georgina and his children pure luxury…

CR7 appears to have booked 17 rooms

Ronaldo is said to have booked a total of 17 rooms at the Four Seasons Hotel Riyadh. Not only for his family, but also for friends and the security personnel.

The bill for the coming months: Supposedly around 280,000 euros.

Ronaldo occupies the Kingdom Suite

Together with his friend Georgina and their five children, the five-time world soccer player moves into the Kingdom Suite in the Kingdom Tower.

The suite extends over two floors, in addition to a spectacular view of the city, every luxury is of course also provided inside.

CR7 near Al-Nassr: Ronaldo lives in this hotel

The price of the Kingdom Suite is not listed on the hotel’s website. If you want to live there, you have to book them privately.

However, you can get an approximate idea of ​​the costs, since the booking price for the smaller Presidential Suite can be viewed online: you already pay a good 3,700 euros per night for this.

Ronaldo’s hotel in Saudi Arabia: CR7 and family dining exclusively

Ronaldo will not share his meals with other hotel guests at the Four Seasons.

Instead, the food is served to the superstar in his suite, all five-star cuisine, of course.

Romantic dinner for two

If CR7 ever plans a romantic dinner with his Georgina, he can do so on the Sky Bridge, at the top of the Kingdom Tower.

The Four Seasons Hotel Riyadh website states: “The 300 meter high bridge that spans the Kingdom Center where the Four Seasons Hotel Riyadh is located offers an unparalleled view of the glittering city below. At a table With candlelight in the center of the bridge, you’ll enjoy a three-course gourmet dinner prepared for you by our Four Seasons culinary team.”

A professional photographer will also capture every romantic moment during the meal.

shopping center in the house

Shopping is also no problem for CR7 and Georgina at the Four Seasons.

In fact, the hotel is located in a shopping center with shops of several luxury brands.

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