Breaking revelation! FIFA boss Gianni Infantino apparently a secret supporter

FIFA President Gianni Infantino apparently supported the plans of top European clubs for a Super League in the background. That goes from the Apple-Documentation “Super League: The War for Football” (German title: “The game off the field”). In addition, other explosive details are revealed.

As the picture, which previewed the four-part series starting on January 13, reports that the FIFA President has pledged his support to supporters of the controversial Super League. However, on the condition that the teams, in return, endorse and participate in his equally controversial plans to expand the Club World Cup.

This can be seen as a tit for tat in the power play between Infantino and UEFA President Aleksander Ceferin. Ceferin had so far rejected Infantino’s plans for a two-year rhythm of the World Cup with a view to the European Championship.

High-ranking officials also have their say in the documentary, such as Spanish league boss Javier Tebas. “I spoke to clubs that got involved, some really strong teams. So the clubs asked for their support: you support us with the Super League and we play for it in your Club World Cup – and kill the Champions League! And we all knew that Infantino wanted to kill Ceferin – politically speaking,” Tebas said.

Barça president Joan Laporta, who is a big Super League supporter with FC Barcelona, ​​said: “Infantino was more open to talks than UEFA.”

Aleksander Ceferin on Super League: “Like vampires in the night”

In April 2021, a total of twelve teams published their plans for a Super League to compete with the Champions League. After the idea caused an outcry among fans, the English top teams publicly said goodbye to the plans. Besides Barcelona, ​​Juventus Turin and Real Madrid continue to believe in the Super League.

“Like vampires, they came out in the middle of the night,” Ceferin said in the Apple-Documentary. “It was the first time I knew which teams were in it. Of course I was disappointed. Pathetic! They spat football in the face with that.” Speaking to the breakaway clubs, Ceferin said: “We’ll fight them with everything we have!”

Super League: Deadline for FC Bayern?

FC Bayern, which immediately distanced itself from the Super League after the plans became known, is also mentioned in the documentary. “We knew that Bayern were invited to this elite cause,” said Ceferin.

Bayern is said to have been given a deadline of 30 days to join the Super League. “One should assume that they want a team like Bayern Munich to be in the Super League,” said Michael Gerlinger, director of law at FC Bayern: “We never got the alleged deadline for us to join. It works for us , as if they wanted to pressure us to be there.”

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