Antonio Conte sweeps away Tottenham Hotspur player and owner

Spurs coach Antonio Conte lashed out at his own players and the owner of Tottenham Hotspur after the 3-3 win over Southampton in the Premier League: “You’re used to playing here for nothing important. You don’t want to play under pressure . They don’t want to play under stress.”

After 74 minutes, Spurs were 3-1 up in Southampton before giving up the win. Although Tottenham is still fourth in the league, pursuers Newcastle United have two points less but still have two games to make up. Tottenham lost to AC Milan in the Champions League. Conte’s contract is expiring and the coach has recently come under increasing pressure.

“We are not a team,” emphasized the Italian at the press conference on Saturday. “I see selfish players who don’t help each other, who don’t put their hearts into it.” He and the players would be paid very well: “It’s unacceptable for me.”

You work hard to go in the right direction, but instead things just keep getting worse. “I know how to beat teams, in the past I’ve beaten a lot of teams, successful teams,” said Conte. But now the “spirit” is missing in the team.

“Honestly, it’s time that I took responsibility for myself, the staff and the players,” said the coach, who then also found a few words for the club’s management: “Tottenham’s story is the following: it’s been there for 20 years Owners and they never won anything. Why? It’s only the club’s fault or the coach who stays here. I’ve seen the coaches Tottenham have had on the bench.”

The Spurs have been owned by the ENIC Group, an investment firm, since 2001. Since then, the CEO has been Daniel Levy.

It would be time to change this situation – if the club wants to change, Conte said: “If they continue like this, they can change coaches, even many coaches, but the situation will not change. Believe me.”

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