Formula 1 – GP of Saudi Arabia: Did Mercedes tell old master Fernando Alonso?

Has an opposing racing team reported to the FIA ​​that Aston Martin’s Fernando Alonso failed to serve his time penalty properly? At least that’s what they report Picture.

Old champion Alonso started outside the marked starting place in the race in Saudi Arabia on Sunday and was given a five-second penalty for the time being.

He sat this out in the pit lane – but probably not in the intended way. Aston Martin is said to have touched the car too early with the jack.

On Monday, the story received another headline: the race management of the Fédération Internationale de l’Automobile (FIA) is said not to have noticed this alleged misconduct, but rather the Mercedes-AMG team. This is said to have made the FIA ​​aware of the error, like the Picture reported.

The reason why Mercedes could have looked so closely is obvious: the two Silver Arrows of George Russell and Lewis Hamilton crossed the finish line directly behind Alonso.

And because the FIA ​​initially corrected a 10-second penalty for Alonso after the race, he fell behind Russell for the time being. The Brit thus took third place and also took part in the press conference, which is always attended only by the podium drivers.

Some time later, however, the FIA ​​rowed back again: old master Alonso retained third place, Russell his fourth place. The organization announced that it wanted to work up this mess.

Formula 1 Saudi Arabia: Fernando Alonso sixth driver in the 100 podiums club

So Alonso drove to his 100th podium in the second race of the 2023 season. The 41-year-old Spaniard was only sixth in the history of Formula 1 to reach this enormous mark:

Place driver (nation) number of platforms
1. Lewis Hamilton (GBR) 191
2. Michael Schumacher (GER) 155
3. Sebastian Vettel (GER) 122
4. Alain Prost (FRA) 106
5. Kimi Raikkonen (FIN) 103
6. Fernando Alonso (ESP) 100

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