Fast-paced F1 races, protected connection – this is how streaming with VPN becomes safer

ADVERTORIAL: The Formula 1 World Championship 2023 starts again. Since not every fan can be there at the races, most of them stream the Formula 1 events from home. But what if the stream falters? This can be caused, for example, by Internet providers throttling the bandwidth due to certain activities.

This can be caused, for example, by Internet providers throttling the bandwidth due to certain activities. However, this problem can be avoided with a VPN. A good VPN makes the streaming experience smoother and more secure. It protects against online snoopers, including the ISP, and ensures a smooth connection while streaming. Anytime, anywhere and on any device.

Formula 1 season 2023 at a glance

If you want to watch the Formula 1 races in this country, you won’t just be able to turn on the television and watch the program like on free TV. The licenses for the broadcast have been held by the pay-TV broadcaster Sky since 2021. Here, fans can follow all 23 race weekends live – but for a fee. Only four races will also be shown on free TV

Nico Hülkenberg is the only German driver in Formula 1 this season. He competes for the US racing team Haas, which Mick Schumacher previously belonged to. However, he could not really gain a foothold there and will only get a replacement cockpit at Mercedes this season.

As every year, the Formula 1 races are held around the world. The first race will take place in Bahrain. This means that the races in this country can be seen in the live stream at different times of the day. A VPN can help to ensure that the live stream does not falter – for example due to activity-based bandwidth throttling by the Internet provider. In the following we therefore show how the connection becomes more secure and smoother thanks to a VPN – for an uninterrupted streaming experience.

Enjoy uninterrupted Formula 1 with VPN

When it comes to accessing online content, the faster the internet, the smoother the streams. But what if you don’t get the speed you pay for?

Repeated caching and sudden drops in speed are signs of bandwidth throttling, which ISPs use to throttle their users’ Internet connection. This can happen anytime and anywhere between your device (smartphone, tablet or PC) and the service or website you are using.

Can a VPN prevent throttling? Yes, if the ISP is throttling the connection based on certain online activity. But if the problem lies on the other side, i.e. with the streaming provider due to high load, the VPN cannot do much either.

Not only does a VPN help you bypass bandwidth throttling, it can help you with other things as well. For example, if you travel directly to the Formula 1 races.

VPN security on the go

Some F1 races will also take place in Europe this year, only a few hours by plane or car from Germany. These include the races at Hungaroring (Budapest), Spa (Belgium), Monza (Milan), Spielberg (Austria), Zandvoort (Netherlands) and Barcelona (Spain), to name just a few.

If you plan to watch the races on site, you should also have a VPN with you when you travel. We explain why.

Surf the WiFi safely

When traveling at airports, train stations and hotels, it is not uncommon for people to access the free WiFi on site. This is practical and above all saves mobile data. But caution is advised. Hackers can easily exploit and abuse these hotspots to access your data or infect your device with malware.

A VPN hides your IP address and encrypts your online activity to prevent third parties – including government agencies and ISPs – from intercepting your traffic. Some VPNs also offer additional security features, like NordVPN with its threat protection. This protects you from trackers and intrusive ads, as well as from malicious websites and viruses in new download files.

Formula 1: The 2023 racing calendar

Date City country
March 05, 2023 sakhir Bahrain
March 19, 2023 Jeddah Saudi Arabia
April 02, 2023 Melbourne Australia
April 30, 2023 Baku Azerbaijan
May 07, 2023 Miami USA
May 21, 2023 Imola Italy
May 28, 2023 Monte Carlo Monaco
June 04, 2023 Barcelona Spain
June 18, 2023 Montréal Canada
July 02, 2023 Spielberg Austria
July 09, 2023 Silverstone Great Britain
July 23, 2023 Budapest Hungary
July 30, 2023 spa Belgium
August 27, 2023 Zandvoort Netherlands
September 03, 2023 Monza Italy
September 17, 2023 Singapore Singapore
September 24, 2023 suzuka Japan
October 08, 2023 Losail Qatar
October 22, 2023 austin USA
October 29, 2023 Mexico City Mexico
November 05, 2023 Sao Paulo Brazil
November 18, 2023 Las Vegas USA
November 26, 2023 Abu Dhabi United Arab Emirates

Enjoy your favorite content on the go

When you travel to certain countries, you may not be able to access media libraries, social media channels and other websites that you use at home as usual. This is because the content may be subject to restrictions depending on the country, and in some regions content is even censored by authorities.

A VPN can eliminate the problem. Simply connect to a server in your home country during your trip and you can access your favorite content and sporting events from home again as usual.

That’s why NordVPN is the top VPN for your F1 streaming experience

With the online service of NordVPN don’t worry about activity-based bandwidth throttling. By having the VPN provider route your streaming connection through an encrypted virtual tunnel and hiding your IP address, NordVPN prevents your ISP from interfering with the connection. And with the large server network and the revolutionary NordLynx protocol, you get the fastest VPN in the world.

Other benefits of NordVPN

● Optimized for speed: With over 5000 VPN servers to distribute traffic and the lightning-fast NordLynx protocol, you can enjoy content uninterrupted and without throttling. And with 59 countries to choose from, there’s always a server near you.

● SmartPlay Feature: The advanced SmartPlay technology is implemented by default in all NordVPN apps. Enjoy secure and private access to your favorite streaming sites and services.

● Multiple Connections: You can backup up to 6 devices with one account. NordVPN is available for the most popular operating systems (smartphone, browser, tablet and PC) and can even be set up on the router.

So if you want to surf safely and undisturbed, NordVPN is a good choice. Also offers NordVPN currently a strong 2-year deal with a mega discount and free months on top.

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