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Formula 1 will soon continue, with the Australian GP next on the agenda. Would you like to know more about the date, time, schedule or the broadcast of the Grand Prix on TV and live stream? This is where you get smarter!

The Formula 1 circus pauses for two weeks before it gets back to business in Australia on the weekend of March 31st to April 2nd. Then the cars will do their laps again on the Albert Park Circuit.

The Red Bull drivers are the favorites at this early stage of the season. World champion Max Verstappen secured the first race of the season in Bahrain, and at the second Grand Prix in Saudi Arabia he ended up second behind his team-mate Sergio Perez after a spectacular race to catch up.

If you want to know whether this trend will continue, you have to get up relatively early on the race weekend due to the time difference. Here is an overview of the session dates:

Formula 1, Australian GP: date, schedule, schedule

Date Time (CET) session
Friday March 31, 2023 3.30 a.m 1. Free practice
Friday March 31, 2023 7 o’clock 2. Free Practice
Saturday 01 April 2023 3.30 a.m 3. Free practice
Saturday 01 April 2023 7 o’clock qualifying
Sunday 02 April 2023 7 o’clock Run

Formula 1, Australian GP: broadcast on TV and live stream

Want to see the Australian GP live and in colour? Then you have different contact points for this. Here we enlighten you.

Formula 1, Australian GP: Transmission on free TV and free live stream

Since leaving RTL no more sessions of the season will be shown on free TV in Germany. However, in Austria ServusTV responsible for broadcasting the upcoming race, which you can also access in this country via detours. Option one: you live in a region close to the border; Option two: You bypass geoblocking via a VPN connection and watch the live stream from ServusTV.

Formula 1, Australian GP: broadcast on pay TV and live stream

The uncomplicated way to see all sessions live is again this year sky. The pay TV broadcaster shows all sessions Sky Sports F1, the usual duo of Sascha Roos and Ralf Schumacher will comment on them for you. Training starts a quarter of an hour beforehand, qualifying half an hour and the race a full hour beforehand.

You can stream the program from sky also. For this you need a subscription SkyGo or WOW.

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