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The Basketball World Cup 2023 is just around the corner! Here at SPOX you can find out where and when it takes place, what the schedule looks like and on which platforms you can watch the World Cup on TV and live stream.

After the European Championship last year, which was extremely successful for Germany with the bronze medal, all basketball fans among you can already look forward to the next big tournament: the World Championship is coming up.

Not only medals but also tickets for the Olympic Games 2024 in Paris are being fought for. Seven nations can qualify through the World Cup – two from America, two from Europe, and one each from Africa, Asia and Oceania.

So there is a lot at stake, and all 32 participating nations have now been determined – high time to take a look ahead: Where will the World Cup be held? In which period? What is the mode? And above all: Who is showing the World Cup on TV and live stream? You can get the answers here!

Basketball World Cup 2023: place, date, date

As we are used to from the past, the 19th Basketball World Championship will also be held in the summer, namely from August 25th to September 10th. Three nations are hosting the tournament this year: Japan, the Philippines and Indonesia are joint hosts.

In the Philippines, the games are divided into three arenas. In addition to the Philippine Arena in Bocaue, the Araneta Coliseum in Quezon City and the Mall of Asia Arena in Metro Manila also serve as venues. In addition, there is action at the Okinawa Arena in Okinawa, Japan, as well as the Indonesia Arena in Jakarta, Indonesia.

Here is a summary of the most important information:

Basketball World Cup 2023
number of nations 32
venue Indonesia (Indonesia Arena, Jakarta)
Japan (Okinawa Arena in Okinawa)
Philippines (Philippine Arena, Bocaue; Araneta Coliseum, Quezon City; Mall of Asia Arena, Metro Manila)
opening game August 25, 2023
endgame September 10, 2023
games 96

Basketball World Cup 2023: schedule, mode

Since the groups for the World Cup will not be drawn until April 29th, there is no schedule yet. The mode, on the other hand, is of course already set: A preliminary round is followed by a second group phase and finally the knockout round.

In the first group phase, four teams in eight groups compete against each other. Wins bring two points, losses one – the top two teams carry their points into the second round. There are four new groups with four teams each, and the two best nations advance one round.

In the quarter-finals, the group winners will play against the runners-up, followed by the semi-finals and the final as usual.

Basketball World Cup 2023: broadcast on TV and live stream

As with the EuroBasket, the World Cup has again MagentaSport the rights secured. It is not yet known exactly what the transmission situation will look like – but if things go as they did last time, you can look forward to free games by the DBB team there on TV and via the app. In this case, encounters without German participation could only be received with a subscription.

However, it cannot be ruled out that you will be able to receive selected games on free TV. Because the European Championship 2022 was so popular, there was a short notice during the tournament RTL acquired a sub-license and showed some Germany games live.

Basketball World Cup 2023: participants

A total of 32 teams have qualified for the World Cup. Unlike Japan and the Philippines, the third host country, Indonesia, is not included.

continent nation
Europe (12) Finland
Africa (5) Angola
Cape Verde
Ivory Coast
South Sudan
America (7) Brazil
Dominican Republic
Puerto Rico
United States
Asia/Oceania (8) Japan (hosts)
Philippines (hosts)
New Zealand
People’s Republic of China

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